Guide to an Eco-Friendly Shave

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Sustainably sourced, eco-friendly products are not only important for the environment but also for your health. Shaving is one of the most common daily rituals and using eco-friendly products for shaving can help reduce your exposure to harmful chemicals. Eco-friendly shaving products are made from natural ingredients that are gentle on the skin and do not contain harmful chemicals. They…

How To Rock A Green Garage

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Why Green Your Garage? The garage shouldn’t escape our responsibility to take care of the environment around us. While many of us focus on making eco-friendly changes in our homes, it’s essential to remember that the garage is an equally important part of our lifestyle. Garages have the potential to be a significant contributor to environmental damage. Fortunately, there are…

Sustainble Products For Mothers Day

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We are only three weeks away from Mothers Day! Better get yourself sorted out before it’s too late and you have to buy overpriced flowers from a local vendor that were probably shipped in and not at all eco-friendly. By being prepared this year we are going to help you impress the Mother in your life while also being eco-friendly.When…

The Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize

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The Tom Ford Foundation in partnership with Lonely Whale & Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) are set to unleash some of the most innovative and disruptive products the plastic industry has ever seen with its Innovation Prize. This will effect the entire eco-friendly product market so lets dive into it a bit. What Exactly is the Tom Ford Plastic Innovation Prize?…

The Benefits of Switching to Sustainable Products:

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The whole reason that we started this blog was that we wanted to highlight the benefits of using sustainable and eco-friendly products over traditional ones. To keep true to this mission we are going to write a whole post on this subject. A lot of our posts are about the WHAT but this one will be about the WHY. This…

Organizations Cleaning Up The Ocean | What You Can Do To Help

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Four Great Organizations Working Towards Cleaning Up Our Ocean There are many companies working to clean up the Ocean. Here are some of the top companies working on this important issue: Organizations Working To Clean Up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch There are a number of organizations that are working to clean up the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. One of…